Celebrating Strengths, Talents, and Skills Inventory

Thank you for taking the time to take Redeemer’s “Celebrating Strengths, Talents, and Skills Inventory.” This is meant to be a tool to help us as the body of Christ to “bear one another’s burdens.” (cf. Galatians 6:2) Along with the spiritual gifts God gives us natural talents, strengths, skills, and yes, passion for doing and participating in certain things. It is part of his calling to each of us to ‘love our neighbor’ and thus ‘love the Lord our God’ too.

Your participation in this inventory also helps us to see how God is weaving His body here at Redeemer – what is our identity in His body. So that, as He continues to bless us we can be a blessing to others. This information will be securely put with our directory information in our icon software. The intent for this information is to have a database whereupon we can best deploy our gifts, talents, and skills to further the mission that Jesus gave us as His people.

Again, thank you and may God abundantly bless you!

If you would rather print and complete a hard copy inventory, you may download a pdf here.