New Parking Lot Lighting Installed

  • 11 LED light fixtures x 20250 lumens each = 222,750 lumens!

  • New lighting for the driveway sign illuminates automatically with a dusk-to-dawn sensor. 

  • More than 1/2 mile of new electrical cable, 250 feet of conduit , 150 feet of steel reinforcement rod, 5 tons of concrete!

New energy-efficient LED lights now burn bright atop four light poles in the Redeemer Lutheran Church parking lot. 

Front parking lot lights can be operated by using the timer switches located next to the maintenance closet by the front door. The two lights on the parking lot island by the entrance are operated via the electronic timer, and the light on the far island is operated using the mechanical timer. The light in the side parking lot uses a photo cell to turn on from dusk to dawn. 

Thanks go to Ted Toler for doing most of the installation work and to a generous donor who provided funds for parking lot improvements.

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