Fired Up: A Passion for the Gospel



Fired Up: A Passion for the Gospel
Redeemer Lutheran Church - LCMS
Charleston, WV
October 6, 2019
Message presented by Rev. Frank C. Ruffatto

Psalm 62
Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4
2 Timothy 1:1-14
Luke 17:1-10]

In his second letter to Timothy, Paul has finished the instruction of details he outlined in his first letter and is encouraging Timothy – and you and me – to fan this live flame-- the torch we carry for Jesus -- because others needed – others now need – to be connected to our heavenly Father through the Gospel of His son Jesus.

In case you are wondering, your Baptism has given you this flame! In your Baptism God put faith into your heart and sealed you with His Holy Spirit. As you grapple with His Word, as you share in the life of the body of Christ, as you partake in His holy sacraments, your fire remains kindled and yes, even grows.

The fact is, each of you have gifts and talents that can help you connect with others and connect those others to the love of God in Christ Jesus. When Paul first penned this letter, it was time for Timothy to be fired up. Now, it is our time to be fired up – fired up for the Gospel of Jesus to prevail in our lives, to prevail in the lives of our families, and to prevail in the lives of those God puts in our path.

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