The World's Greatest Counselor


So, what does a good “counselor” do? More importantly, what does this Counselor, the Holy Spirit do for us – how does He do it? Tune in to learn about the Holy Spirit -- what He does as his primary work and what He does as His "alien" work.

Listen for the five ways to keep step with the Holy Spirit:

  1. SEEK to remain open always to the Spirit's loving admonition and exhortation;

  2. OPEN up the Scriptures regularly (daily!) so that He can speak to us through the Word and show where and how we need to repent and amend our sinful ways;

  3. COME faithfully to God’s house to hear the preaching of God’s holy Word;

  4. REFUSE to argue with Him when He clearly shows us where we need to confess and amend our sinful lives; and

  5. REMEMBER that before we can help get the splinter out of somebody else’s eye, we must (as Jesus said) get that log out of our own eye.

"The World's Greatest Counselor" is based on these scriptures:

  • Psalm 143

  • Genesis 11:1-9

  • Acts 2:1-21

  • John 14:23-31  

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