Seven Questions with a Servant: Nila Johnson

Nila Johnson

Nila Johnson


1. What’s Your Name?

Nila Johnson

2. Will you please share a little about yourself (where you’re from, where you work, about your spouse, children, grandchildren, pets, etc)?

I’m a Charleston native. My late husband was an Episcopal priest. He served at All Saints Episcopal Church in South Charleston until his death in 1999. We had 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter. Our daughter died in 2012. Our oldest son lives in Maryland with his wife and children. They are a blended family - she had 1, he had 2, and they have 4. They have 2 grandchildren. I live with my younger son and his wife in Cross Lanes. They have 2 grown daughters. I worked at the Union Carbide Institute plant for 21 years before moving to the D.C. area while my husband was in seminary. While there I worked as a legal secretary, a field I continued in for a total of 21 years. I am now retired.

3. How long have you been attending/serving at Redeemer?

4 years

4. In what ways do you serve at Redeemer, which is your favorite way?

I manage the Prayer Chain. This is an email communication to more than 80 people who believe in the power of prayer and who are willing to intercede on behalf of fellow believers.

5. How has serving at Redeemer impacted you?

It gives me purpose.

6. What’s something about you not many folks know?

Many don’t know that I have Parkinson’s Disease although that is progressively becoming more obvious. I am a dog lover and would love to work with rescued dogs if I were physically able. Since I can’t I pour abundant love on the one dog we have left. (We used to have four dogs!)

7. What do you like most about Redeemer?

The liturgy and the fellowship.

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